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We offer affordable solutions that are rich in features and less costly than the tradional carriers by keeping telecom overhead expenses low.

Business Class Internet Services
Mainland Telecom is an independent ISP, we have our own autonomous system and redundant datacenters. We have several business products to deliver high quality connections even in remote areas.

We have acces to high capacity interconnections points in the following locations.

  • Kingston Nova NS, Canada (Co-Location Facility)
  • Kentville NS, Canada (Co-Location Facility)
  • Middleton NS, Canada
  • Halifax NS, Canada
  • COLOGIX QC,Canada
  • TorIX, ON, Canada
  • VIX Vienna, Austria

When we say business class this means a full subnet to match your requirements, full IPv6 connectivity and multiple redundant connections. Depending on you SLA you will be guaranteed the bandwidth from your premises to our networks borders.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions
We offer server hosting & visualization, clouds both public and private. These are secure and completely isolated. We have access to Unique Microsoft Licensing Programs to enable your company to reduce capital expenditure and can scale easily.